I am Wouter van Brenk (1984), born and raised in the Netherlands. I grew up with love for nature and wildlife.

Encouraged by my father, I learned to find Roe deer, Wild boars and Grass snakes as a young kid. I spent hours along the side of the ditch with my landing net, to observe tadpoles. It all happened in the forests and meadows near my hometown (Utrecht area) and at the 'Veluwe', with ninety thousand hectares the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands. In the years that followed I kept my interest in wildlife and, more specifically, developed a major passion for herpetology. A period of learning about this fascinating world began and actually never stopped. Finding and admiring herpetofauna in the wild eventually turned into one of my life goals.

Nowadays I am active in the field for RAVON, the organization that protects Dutch reptiles and amphibians. In one of the study areas I analyze the occurrence of four of our seven native reptile species. Since 2020 I am member of the WAN (Working group Adder research Netherlands). This small and dedicated team, operating as part of RAVON, is specialized in researching and conserving European Adder (Vipera berus) populations in the Netherlands. To be able to work in the field with our only venomous snake, which I deeply admire, feels like a privilege.

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