Early days

Born in the middle of the Netherlands (province of Utrecht), Wouter van Brenk (1984) grew up with love for nature, wildlife and in particular for what might be the most misunderstood animals on Earth: snakes. Encouraged by his father he learned to spot local wildlife at a young age, in the forests around his hometown and at 'the Veluwe'.

In the years that followed Wouter retained his interest in wildlife in general, but developed an unparalleled passion for herpetology. In 2008 he bought his first camera and from that point the combination of finding and photographing wild herpetofauna became a life goal. 

Field research

Nowadays (2020) Wouter is active in the field for RAVON, the organization that protects Dutch reptiles and amphibians. His work in one of the study areas consists of periodic monitoring and more specifically analyzing the presence and coexistence of two native lizard species.

Awareness through photography

While using his dedication and experience as a field herper Wouter is as often as possible in search of capturing his next herp encounter. Hopefully the results, from face-to-face macro work to wide angle in-habitat shots, contribute to awareness, in times where globally a lot of great species are endangered and even face the edge of extinction.

Equipment and personal view

Over the years all photos (only non-captive) are taken with Canon equipment. Currently the high-end 7D Mark II camera body is used, together with different prime lenses ranging from 10 to 400mm (e.g.100mm f/2.8L Macro IS). And in addition external on and off-camera flash, two softboxes and several herping tools are used.


Wouter prefers to use a camera with a APS-C sensor, which is a personal choice that is mainly based on advantages for macro photography. Small herpetofauna (e.g. fast moving and highly alert lizards) is less disturbed when the distance to the subject remains larger. Working with a crop sensor makes this possible.


Add the fact that these kind of reptiles require a fast camera and the Canon 7D Mark II can be considered as interesting option.


Photo editing is done with Adobe Lightroom.

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